About the XO |

The XO | is meant to share the bravery of style, told through various editorial pieces, stories, and visuals laced with purpose found in the heart of every look. The X O is meant to bring my love for how style and life collide to the forefront, through my own personal story as well as people like you.

I’m here to show how story is told through style. 

See, I’ve always wanted to create a space to begin the dialogue about clothing and its impact on my life and a chance to bring back what I find missing in many fashion bloggers nowadays. (BBTFB).

It is also a place where you’ll find other ventures including the X O | Diaries which will feature written pieces, lookbooks, and a peak into my life. As well as the upcoming X O | Style Stories where I’ll be featuring style bloggers, incredible friends, and readers that I am privileged to connect with (that’s you!). I love people in general, and I believe in using my voice as a vessel to show the world the beauty of the everyday individual.

Lastly, the dialogue. This blog was created with the intent to foster a community of readers that are active and engage with one another. Its great to talk about style, but its even better when the conversation is happening in good company.

So if you need style advice, life tips, humorous and awkward stories, or a dose of inspiration (and pixie dust), I’m the style and life spirit for you.

Let’s make this journey a personal one.

Expect musical numbers.


Miguel Raphael | X O


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